Requesting an EHC needs assessment

Should I speak to the school or college first?

Yes, definitely. Speak to your child's class/ subject teacher and/or the School SENCo or the Head of Learning at the College the young person is attending about your concerns before making a request for a needs assessment. You can also contact Havering's Children and Adults with Disabilities (CAD) Team (01708 431885) and/or Havering SENDIASS (Special Educational Needs Indepenedent Advice & Support Service) 01708 433885.

What if the school or college offers to write on my behalf?

Anyone acting on behalf of a school or post 16 institution is able to write and request an EHC needs assessment. They are often best placed to make the request as they will need to provide the Local Authority with specific information to support it.

When should I request an EHC needs assessment?

If your child or young person is having difficulties with their work at school or college and not making expected progress, your first step is to speak to your SENCo at school or Head of Learning at College, they will then follow a process of Assess, Plan, Do and Review. Id after receiving this 'SEN Support' your child is not making expected progress then you might think about making a needs assessment request in conjunction with the school SENCo/Head of Learning.

If your child is aged 0 to 5 speak to your Early Years setting about the additional support your child can receive, you can also contact the 0-5 Support Team in Havering. If your child does not make expected progress through this SEN support, then an assessment or other means of supporting them can be considered.

Young people (over 16 and up to 25) can make the request themselves if they have capacity.

Remember you can only ask for an EHC needs assessment if the child or young person has or may have special educational needs – it does not apply where there are only health and/or social care needs no matter how severe.

We always advise that you work with your child's School SENCo but if this is not possible you can make the request yourself.

Request an EHC needs assessment